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Although he had few students while alive, Bodhidharma is considered to be the patriarch of Zen Buddhism as well as Kung-Fu, Qigong, and the Shaolin Martial arts. History and legend sometimes agree but it has become difficult to separate fact from fiction. Nonetheless he is still considered by millions of Zen and Kung-Fu students to be the father of their lineage.

The Affinity of Zen and Qigong

Charles Meyers feels an affinity for the combination of the two practices. Due to numerous injuries sustained over the years, Charles has had difficulty with the seated meditation posture. Extreme pain was a common companion during zazen and as years passed, it became worse. It seemed that he might have to discontinue the seated posture. However, through the practice of Qigong, he has been able to lessen the periods of pain and improved the stability and length of time he is able to stay in seated meditation posture.

Charles sees no real difference in the two practices. As it has been heard, the historical Buddha indicated that we take the practice with us, while sitting, walking, standing, or lying. Qigong is practice while standing, with movement!

Available Instruction

Charles has taught at various senior centers in NH. The main forms taught are Seated Healing Qigong and the warm ups for the Tai Chi Fundamentals which was developed by Tricia Yu. Other forms can include:

  • Seated Healing Qigong,
  • Standing Kuan Yin Qigong (10 graceful repetitive, and static postures in sequence),
  • Primordial Qigong (very powerful use of visualization, breath and movement),
  • Marrow Cleansing Technique for self healing, and
  • T’ai Chi Fundamentals.

About Charles

Charles started zen in 1977 with Joshu Sasaki, Roshi. Charles received lay ordination in April of 2004 and is available for meditation instruction.

Charles has been practicing T’ai Chi and Qigong since 1974. His main T’ai Chi teacher is Tricia Yu, with whom he started in 1975. He has also studied with Kumar Frantkis and Donald Coleman. His Qigong teachers include; Xu Yimin, Li Jun Feng, Zhang Yuanming, and Ken Cohen.